MoniRAD® Waste System


MoniRAD WS is an automated system which is intended to be used for managing liquid wastes generated by radioisotopes production facilities.

MoniRAD WS allows collecting radioactive liquid waste into tanks. If the radiation level rises above a predetermined threshold, the liquid is stocked during 10 periods.


MoniRAD WS ensures liquid waste management by monitoring radiation level of the liquid waste.

MoniRAD WS allows liquid waste management by:

  • Controlling a ports valve and water supply
  • Managing tanks level
  • Determining of half-life
  • Informing staff on MoniRAD WS status (tank level, radiation level, valve position, ...)

Database collects the information for displaying, alerting and backup.

The displayed module’s screens are specific but can be designed according to needs.

Database can be used in maintenance mode or multi-site mode through remote access.





  • Programmable application controller: CRIO (Number of PACs is not limited), Integrated 400 MHz Real-Time Controller and 2M Gate FPGA Spartan-3
  • Tanks: 2, equipped with level sensor , 3000 liters each
  • Level sensors: Low, high, very high, continuous measure - For each tank
  • Radiation level measurement: NaI gamma probe with multichannel (only into tank 2)
  • Valves: Valve1 for Shutdown Water supply, Valve 2 and Valve 3 for transfer and pour-off
  • Safety: Hard Chain (very high level sensor) manages water supply
  • Pump: container for use underground in monobloc high density linear polyethylene (LLDPE) fitted with tubing of entry in PVC with NBR rubber seal, submersible sewage pump connected to conduct outgoing polyethylene. The pump is equipped with a floating automatic start / stop switch.


  • Sensor Network: RS485 with master/slave protocol

  • Communication Network:  Up to two 10/100BASE-TX Ethernet ports with built-in FTP/HTTP server

  • Architecture : Real-Time OS VxWorks, Windows Embedded, MySQL, Java, apache 2.0, , Flex 4.5


  • Liquid Waste Ok: Level sensor checking to authorize production
  • Radiation Level: Output-valve controlling by radiation level measurement
  • Database: Managing of historical, users and display on unified interface.

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