MoniRAD® Air Sampling



  • Continuous air monitoring for gamma particulate
  • Real-time data acquisition and control
  • Scintillation detector with gain stabilization
  • Built-in Pb shielding
  • On board datalog
  • Mass flow control
  • Vacum pump for air sampling
  • Single or Multiplexed air input (up to 8 air input)
  • optional MoniRAD® Area Measure integration



MoniRAD® Air Sampling is a air gamma radiation level measuring system able to works independently or in cooperation with MoniRAD® Area Measure.

The system monitors radioactive airborne levels in either working spaces, or via a process tubing connection to a remote stack, duct or other air space.

The system measure the air gamma level thanks to NaI scintillator placed in a Marinelli geometry container and a fast dedicated TTL counter.

The vacuum pump provide to put the air in the marinelly container by a multiplexer system that connect up to 8 locals (minimum 4 minute to complete single step).


Technical data

Fiddler  Probe

Scionix 2” NaI Scintillator


127 mm diamenter, 2mm high NaI(Tl) crystal coupled via 51 mm thick quartz light guide ti 130 mm diamenter Photomultiplier Tube in Aluminum housing

NaI(Tl) Crystal

127 mm diameter

Entrance windows

0.25 mm thick beryllium (BD version) > 2 keV

0.0025 mm Aluminum (BA version) > 10 keV

Optical windows

Low background quartz 51 mm thick

Photomultiplier Tube

130 mm diameter EMI 9390

Energy Resolution

<30 keV for I-129

<25% for 241-Am

Temperature Range

-10 degrees °C to +60 degrees °C

Temperature Gradient

20 degrees /hour












Oil-less Vacum Pumps

Becker VT4.16 series

Flow (SCFM@ 0 in Hg)




Speed (RPM)


Max. Cont. Vacum (in HgV)


Weight (lbs)-w/motor


Noise Level (Max. dbA)


Inlet size (BSP, inches)


Flowmeters Glass Tube

Brooks Instrument




1.293 Kg/m3n


0.018 cP


2.5 VDE/VDI 3513

Flowmeters Glass Tube

Brooks Instrument

Noise Level (Max. dbA)


Inlet size (BSP, inches)



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