Products for Radiopharmacies

ITEL has managed the entire design and construction of its division ITELPHARMA, radio pharmaceutical factory with 2 cyclotrons and internal Microbiology Laboratory service.

Therefore ITEL can be configured as a "full service provider" able to follow the planned construction of a Radiopharmacy from the design stage to commissioning, qualification and validation activities and establishment of a Quality System, with full knowledge and competence in relation to GMP requirements.

As part of these activities, ITEL has created a line of products for Radiopharmacies, both those already operational and those of new construction. These products range from Kits for microbiological testing, the dose calibrator (Hermes), to complete systems for the environmental radiation monitoring (Monirad), as well as to systems for the management of multiple targets in commercial cyclotrons (Cyclotron Target Switch).


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